India to build cross-Indian Ocean submarine optical cable sy

Apr 03, 2018

Sunil Tagare, founder of Indian Flag Telecommunication Company said recently that the company was planning to build a submarine optical cable system underneath the Indian Ocean, linking Mumbai of India and Tuas of Singapore. The system will be called Sing-India-Sing Submarine Optical Cable System.
In the future, this system will connect to the France-America submarine optical cable system directly and will be called Brexit-1 System.
Tarage indicated Brexit-1 System would connect Middle East, India and other Asian countries. And then it would move round Britain and direct to New York. It would work as the system with the lowest delay between Marseilles and New York.The reason why it moves round Britain is to avoid market and policy instability caused by Brexit.
He also said that the new submarine cable construction would bring a large improvement to India’s Internet capacity, making it the most significant communication hub in Asia. In the meanwhile, the company would construct new submarine cable accessing station to contain more international submarine cables.