India to achieve its first 1Gbps broadband connection

Apr 03, 2018

The average network speed rate of India falls behind to many other countries, but thing is starting to change.
It is reported that India’s broadband provider ACT, which is also the third Internet service provider,  is to launch the first 1Gbps broadband in Hyderabad as well as in India. One can pay 6900 rupees per month for a broadband service with uploading and downloading limitation of 1TB.
The company’s existing 100Mbps broadband service is charge for 1999 rupees per month, providing up to 250Gbps uploading and downloading. And its 125Mbps service is 4999 rupees for up to 650Gbps uploading and downloading speed.
According Akamai’s statistic, India’s connection speed places 105th in the world with average speed of 4.1Mbps. It is also the slowest in Asia-Pacific countries.