Huawei sign an agreement with Vodafone Spain worth 100m euro

Apr 03, 2018

It is reported that Huawei had achieve an agreement of upgrading HFC electric cable network ran by broadband operator Ono purchased by Vodafone Spain in 2014.
According to the 100-million-euro deal, Huawei will use Docsis 3.1 technology to upgrade the network. And through this upgrade, Vodafone is going to provide 1Gbps symmetrical service (upload and download) later this year, and 10Gbps in the future.
The upgrade has started. It is planned to last for 24 months.
Vodafone has spent 7.2 billion euros to purchase Ono in 2014. And it declared last year that the Spanish subsidiary’s EBITDA increased 4.2% compared to the same period of the last year. It is partly result of the synergistic effect of merging has far exceeded expectation.