AT%T pubilished 2017 capital expenditure plan

May 23, 2018

AT%T said that it would spend 22 billion dollars most of which will be used to improve its mobile and integrate business service, including functions through SDN.

The top telecommunication operator indicated its expected expenditure in 2017 would make the total expenditure of past two years exceed 40 billion dollars and 40% was using in mobile and business service support, including SDN solution as AT&T NetBond, AT&T FlexWare and SD-WAN.

As it said, all 1000 companies on the fortune list, more than 60% of top 100 companies of FTSE, 90% of companies of CAC49, over 85% of companies of DAX 30 and over 60% of companies of Nikkei 225 were using its service.